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To maximize the chances to recover your deleted files you should avoid or at least minimize your Internet browsing and other activities that result in write operations to your hard disk. Your Internet browser creates lots of cache files called 'Temporary Internet Files' that overwrite the file records of your deleted files, thus making them unrecoverable. To preserve the drive with the deleted files from being overwritten, and to save data otherwise recoverable from being permanently erased, please ensure that you download and install the Smart Undeleter trial version on another logical drive letter on the system.

In the absence of a separate drive, you can download the direct-use package onto a floppy disk, CD-R/W, or external USB storage.


  • Standard Installation package DOWNLOAD NOW!
    The standard installation pack is easy to install. Just follow the step-by-step instructions in the installation package, which assists you with installation on your computer. It is just as easy to uninstall.

  • Direct-use-package DOWNLOAD NOW!
    You do not need to install this package; just save the executable file to a floppy, a different logical drive, or external USB storage medium. Simply double-click the executable file to start the program.

Scan to find and identify deleted files on your disks with the Smart Undeleter trial version. It can scan your hard and floppy disk drives for all lost data. If you can't find your deleted file at its original location then use the 'Quick Find' function. Just enter the name or part of the name of your deleted file and Smart Undeleter will display all files and folders containing this word for you. Use the preview feature that comes with the utility to examine and review the recovered files before you buy the software. The recovered data can be saved to a Smart Undeleter image file on another logical disk or removable medium before you purchase the software for later recovery using a full version of Smart Undeleter.

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